Luke 5:1-11


All the Hallelujahs
Words and Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


We all have our own faith journeys, there are ups there are downs.
Some of us might have faith that leaps forward constantly, while some of us might be stagnant.
When our faith is stagnant, we ask ourselves if the faith we have is a growing faith.
If we want to grow our faith, what can we do?
There are different people throughout history that we can learn from.
One person that we can learn from is Simon Peter.
He is a fisherman turned Apostle, he is the impulsive man that denied Jesus that became the bedrock and foundation of the church.

Simon Peter's starting point was an interesting experience.
Witnessing miracle after miracle, his experiences brought him before Jesus.
Simon Peter realized who is Jesus, he realized how unworthy he is.
Simon Peter realized the implication of what it meant when he understood that Jesus is not just some guy from the streets.
He understood that realization of that implication and he responded.
And upon the call from Jesus, he answered.
Simon Peter dropped everything and followed.

Do you still remember how it was like when you realized who Jesus is?
Over the years we might have forgotten that, and we might have focused more on ourselves.
But one thing we can do to grow our faith is to go back to that child-like faith that we had, when we were at our starting point.
Not only do we recall that moment, but also remember the response to the gift of discipleship.
Constantly and consistently remind ourselves.


Your Love Awakens Me
Words and Music by Phil Wickham and Chris Quilala


All the Hallelujahs
Words and Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


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