The KEC Story


Koinonia Evangelical Church was founded in 2006. Pastor Joshua and Pastor Wilbur started with just five families worshiping in a living room. In January 2007, we moved our Sunday service to Richmond Secondary School. Since then, it has been a journey walking with God for over a decade. By the grace of God, we have grown into a church with more than 500 people. We worship in both Cantonese and English, alongside with our vibrant children’s ministry, Karpos. 

While churches resumed their in-person gatherings in Fall 2021, God has also led Koinonia into a new chapter. Starting from October, our worship venue will be at Fraserview MB Church in Richmond. Our worship service will also be changed from Sunday to Saturday morning. In the midst of these new beginnings, we trust that the Lord will lead the church into a new season of growth, and new outreach opportunities to the community.  

Our vision is to build a Bible-based faith community in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our focus is to train disciples for the expansion of the Kingdom of God, by becoming living witnesses in our own community.

At Koinonia, we follow the evangelical biblical teachings. Our brothers and sisters share their life and grow together in small group settings named “Oikos”.  We emphasize that people of all ages can become Christ’s followers, including children and youth. We believe that families and individuals transformed by gospel are the most significant witness for Christ.    

Richmond is a fast-growing urban area with a large immigrant community. Our Sunday service is held at Richmond Secondary school.  It is located in the heart of Richmond, blessed with a busy and lively neighborhood, creating ample opportunities to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Whether you are a newcomer or old-timer, Christ’s follower or seeker, in your golden age or just getting started in life, we invite you to come and experience with us a God who is full of power, goodness, and love.