When did the church begin?

KEC was started in 2007 with five families. Our weekly regular attendance is about 600. (including adults and children)


What does “Koinonia” mean?

“Koinonia” is a Greek word, which occurs twenty times in the Bible. The primary meaning of the word is fellowship, sharing in common and communion. The first occurrence of “koinonia” is Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” “Koinonia” represents our conviction that God is eager to build loving relationship with us.


What denomination is KEC?

KEC is a church of biblical and evangelical faith, and is recognized and accepted by all major Christian denominations in Greater Vancouver.


What are your regular weekly activities?

Saturday is the highlight of our week. We get together at Fraserview MB Church at

9:15 am & 10:45 am Cantonese Worship (adult),

9:15 am   G.6-7 Worship (Youth),

9:15 am & 10:45 am   Karpos (children worship - Pre-k, K, Elementary).


Saturday Evening at Fraserview MB Church:

6:45pm English Worship (Adults and Young Adults)

8:15pm Youth and Young Adult small groups



Christian education courses (Ignite) are also offered regularly at the Koinonia Centre.

Adult Oikos Small group is held online on weekdays.

Other KEC activities include: family outreach workshops, support group for full-time mothers, caring and worship ministry at the local hospice.


Do you have any fellowship activities?

KEC is a church of small groups. Besides Saturday worship, we also gather weekly in small groups according to stages of life. Small groups at KEC are called “Oikos” (Greek word for family). Currently, there are seventeen Oikos, including small groups for students, young adults, young families, and adults.

Characteristics of Oikos:

- The content of all Oikos are unified around the Sunday messages.
- All Oikos share the same core values: to grow, to share, to multiply, and to pray.
- In order to build up the relationship among group members, all Oikos meet weekly.
- In order to connect KEC members from different groups, Oikos are reshuffled every one to two years.
- In order to build up a safe and trusting environment, all Oikos are “closed” small groups. Members are assigned into particular small groups by the pastoral team.
- In order to ensure safety and stability, regular attendance is expected from all Oikos members.


Do you have any regular programs for children?

Karpos is our children ministry and currently we have children program on every Saturday morning at Fraserview MB Church. It is opened for children ages 3 to 10. All guests are required to register online in advance.


Do you have any fellowship for youth?

Besides Youth Worship for Grade 6-7 on Saturday 9:15am at Fraserview Church, High School Oikos (Grade 8-10) and College Oikos (Grade 11+) also meet weekly Saturday at 8:15pm at Fraserview Church. College and high school students (grade 8 to college) who seeks spiritual growth and companionship will join one of these tracks. Together they will deepen their faith and learn important skills to face life’s challenges.


Where does your financial support come from?

Our main source of income is from the weekly offering of the congregation.


Will my offering at KEC qualified for official donation receipts?

Yes. KEC is a registered Canadian charity. Official donation receipts are issued annually in February. Please contact us to obtain a KEC Offering Number.


Besides cash offering, do you accept stock offering?

Yes. Please contact our finance team for details at [email protected]


Besides offering during in-person worship, is there any other method of donation?

You can also donate online through Paypal at https://english.mykec.ca/engage/giving


How does KEC ministry operate?

Besides the pastoral team, our overall ministry is a partnership of ministry teams composed of brothers and sisters with different gifts. Currently, there are thirteen ministry teams at KEC:

Church Council: responsible for the organizational development of KEC
Pastoral Team: pastoring and the overall spiritual leadership
Executive team: Manpower deployment and decision execution
Music Team: development of worship and music ministry
Site Team: venue preparation and management
Production Team: Audio and visual operation
Guest Team: greeting and ushering during Saturday service
Traffic Team: traffic control and parking management
Finance Team: church budget and financial management
Karpos Children Ministry: pastoral ministry among children
Youth Ministry: pastoral ministry among youth
Medical Emergency Response Team: First aid
Caring Team: Caring and responding for immediate assistance


Who is leading the church?

The leadership of the church consists of two components. The Pastoral Team is responsible for the spiritual leadership and pastoral care of the church. Deacons are responsible for the administration and supervision. KEC Church Council is composed of deacons and pastors. Besides deacons and pastors, leadership at KEC also includes ministry team leaders and Small group leaders.


Who are in your staff team?

Pastoral Staff
Lead Pastor: Rev. Joshua Chow
Teaching Pastor: Rev. Wilbur Fong
Associate Pastor (Youth & Children's Ministry): Pastor Ava Lee
Associate Pastor (Worship Ministry): Pastor Carson Li
Assistant Pastor: Pastor Sherrien Sze
Assistant Pastor (Operations): Pastor Gabriel Chan
Assistant Pastor: Pastor Cindy Hong

Administrator: Winnie Fong
Music Ministry Director: Elaine Leung 
Children's Ministry Director: Fizianna Kwan
Media Production Associate: Kent Yuen
Youth Ministry Coordinator: Priscilla Chan
Children's Ministry Coordinator: Samantha Hon
Media Production Associate: Kent Yuen
Pastoral Administrative Assistant: Elinor Luk

Associate Staff:
Music Ministry Director: Joyce Cheng
Music Ministry Associate: Elaine Au Leung
Music Ministry Associate: David Fong
Children's Ministry Associate: Kristen Chow
Children's Ministry Associate: Samuel Fong
Children's Ministry Associate: Natalie Luk
Youth Ministry Associate: Wayne Kwok
Youth and Children's Ministry Associate: Caleb Chan

Bonnie Ho: Youth Ministry Intern

Staffs’ Biography


How are deacons selected?

The deacons at KEC is appointed by the pastoral team, with the confirmation of the church council, and the endorsement of KEC members at the annual membership meeting.


How can I serve in the ministry teams?

Please submit your application online or at the Connect Table after Saturday service. Please note that the application requirement might be different among ministry teams.


How can I find out more information about KEC?

Subscribing our email newsletter
Visit our church website
Like our Facebook
Follow our Instagram


What is the contact information of church office?

Koinonia Ministry Centre
Unit 150, 13775 Commerce Parkway, Richmond, BC V6V 2V4
Phone: 604.214.8243 Ext. 1

Email: [email protected]