We shall gather to worship God regularly as a congregation; celebrating His abiding presence; exalting Him for His character, sovereignty, and works; encountering Him in the proclamation of Scripture and the receiving of the Sacraments; and responding to His call with confession, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, offerings and service.



We shall equip and nurture maturing disciples of Christ to obey His teachings in our marriage, family, marketplace, neighborhood, society, church and other contexts of life.



We shall organize and establish Christian communities where the disciples’ faith in Christ may be expressed in brotherly love and the disciples’ spiritual health can be nurtured through worship, Bible studies, prayers, caring, healing and service.



We shall develop the God-given potentials of all human beings; help disciples to discern and utilize their spiritual gifts; train, recruit and deploy servant-leaders for the building up of the church and the stewardship of God’s creation.



We shall invite all people to enter into a loving relationship with God and to follow Christ by proclaiming the Gospel by word and deed, witnessing Christ through outward expressions of Christian love, grace, justice and mercy.