Richmond Hospital Foundation's Medical Imaging Centre Campaign

Koinonia Evangelical Church continues its commitment to the community with a generous contribution of $24,300 to Richmond Hospital Foundation's Medical Imaging Centre Campaign.

"At Koinonia, we believe in the transformative power of compassion and service. By investing in health care, we not only support our values but also assist individuals and families to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives," expresses Haines Lee, Deacon, Koinonia Evangelical Church.

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REACHING OUT is upgrading in 2023! 

In order to challenge brothers and sisters to grow deeper in generosity, starting this May, the Reaching Out campaign will be extended from an annual project to a year-round initiative!
You can now participate in the Reaching Out campaign anytime through financial giving:
If you are giving by cash or cheque, designate your offering for the Reaching Out campaign by checking the appropriate box on our donation envelope.

If you are giving online via Tithely, Paypal, or E-Transfer, specify the amount designated for “Reaching Out” in the Message section. 

All year round collection instead of only the month of May 75% goes to the following 5 charitable organisations:

  • Compassion Canada
  • International Justice Mission
  • Richmond Hospital Foundation
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Working Gear
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Compassion Canada

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Richmond Hospital Foundation

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International Justice Mission

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Regent College

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REACHING OUT | The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

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Although things seem to return to normal life as the pandemic is easing, the hard-hit economy has not shown signs of rapid recovery due to the opening of the market.

According to the report from the local food bank, the need of people seeking help is still increasing. Compared with pre-COVID, the number of low-income households receiving food subsidies has even doubled.

In light of the above urgent needs, Koinonia has decided to show our support by donating $10,000 to the Vancouver Food Bank.  

Our donation has reached the Vancouver Food Bank, and the KEC Council has also received their acknowledgement and appreciation letter.

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REACHING OUT | Turkey and Syria earthquake response

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In the early hours of February 7, two violent earthquakes (7.8 and 7.5) occurred in southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border. According to a local source, 3,400 people have died in Syria and at least 19,000 people were killed in Turkey. The death toll has surpassed 22,000. Local rescuers have been searching for survivors in the ruins. The World Bank has pledged to send aid to Turkey, while UN Secretary-General António Guterres has launched an appeal for international assistance. 

From February 6 to 22, the Canadian government will also match the relief received by the Canadian Red Cross for the earthquake. For every dollar received in donations, the Government of Canada will donate an additional dollar. As a faith community of generosity, Koinonia Evangelical Church appeals to our congregation to respond and act quickly - to support earthquake victims in both countries.