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Word (Week 3)

Hi Youths, 

Sometimes we may think that no one understands us, our situation, or our feelings. But God does! Even though He is the God of the whole universe, He still cares so much about each of us! God knows exactly how you feel. He can emphasize with you because he has been through temptation, loss, worry, physical and emotional pain, hunger, poverty, loneliness (both being alone and when surrounded by lots of so-called “friends”), false accusations, being misunderstood, and more. He gets it and encourages us to talk to Him about it. He wants you to talk to Him about everything that is on your mind, no matter how big or small because He wants to walk with you through every single moment of your life.

This week, spend 2 minutes each day to pray to God about 1 small and 1 bigger thing happening in your life that's on your mind.