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A lot of us struggle to trust the authority figures in our lives. But as we see at various points throughout the gospel narrative, God is trustworthy, and we have plenty of reason to submit to His authority in our lives even when it feels difficult! This series will allow the youth to dive deeper into understanding the reasons why they may sometimes have trouble with submitting to authority without knowing "why" but most importantly, why they may be hesitant to submit to God's authority in their lives. 
Over the next five weeks, the youth will learn about how: 

  • It is okay to trust and submit to spiritual authority without always having to know all of the reasons.
  • They can always trust God's uncommon sense more than their own common sense.
  • They have to make their own decision to submit and trust God with their life.
  • Following Jesus is a decision they have to make everyday. No one else can choose for them.
  • Sometimes submitting to God includes suffering for the sake of others.

Ultimately, this series will remind and encourage the youth to choose to trust and submit to God in all the situations they face in their life. If you are in Grades 6-9 and looking for a church, we invite you to join our Youth Online Worship every Saturday at 9:15am. You can register using this link.

*** Attached is the October: Because I Said So series' parents newsletter