Revelation 3:7-13


In Revelation 3 Jesus speaks to the church in Philadelphia who were in a desert season (season of difficulty, frustration, challenge, and dryness) due to persecution and suffering. In the midst of their desert, Jesus spoke words of life and promise.

Are you going through a desert season in your own life? Some examples may include difficulty in your marriage, friendships, with children, work, or social isolation. If so, have you honestly spoken about your situation with God?

In the midst of their suffering, Jesus speaks through three images, encouraging them in the midst of their desert.

The Key
Jesus says, ‘I am who you think I am.’ While others are persecuting the church in Philadelphia for who they say Jesus is, Jesus affirms his identity. Jesus is the True One, the Holy One, and the Key of David. He is both God and Messiah. We can trust Jesus that he is our God and Saviour even in the midst of our suffering.

The Open Door
While this persecuting church had every reason to focus on simply laying low and preserving themselves through suffering, Jesus said he will open a door of opportunity for them. Even in our darkest and most difficult season the church is a people who are sent out to bless others and share the good news of Jesus. What doors have been opened to you and to the church in this season of your life, or during Covid?

The Crown
Even suffering, hardship, and death cannot take away what we have been given in Christ. We have been given a new life – now and even when our physical body ceases.

Do you want this life? Either for the first time or to know more of the new life that Jesus invites you into. If so, let me invite you to reach out to someone at Koinonia church who can journey with you. You can also pray with me right now.

Jesus Christ. You gave your life to break the ultimate power of sin and death. I want to know and experience your victory in my own life. So today I want to follow you – wherever it leads, wherever it goes I know that it will be good because you love me. Amen.


Darrell Johnson, Discipleship on the Edge.

Revelation video by The Bible Project, part 1 & 2. 


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