Revelation 3:1-6


All the Hallelujahs
Words & Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


When the celebrity pastor was caught in sin, the church was in turmoil. Out of disappointment, many people would leave the church, or some may even abandon their faith. After all the crises and scandals, those who choose to stay would still have many unanswered questions in their mind.

  • Is rebuilding still possible?
  • How can the church move on?
  • Is there a way out?

And for Jesus - how would He react? Would He simply sit back and do nothing? What kind of message would Jesus be addressing to those who took God and faith seriously?

Reality at the Church in Sardis (3:1, 3:4)

  • No external attack neither from the Roman Empire nor other heresies
  • The church had the reputation of being alive, but it was spiritually dead.
  • Despite the situation, Jesus did not abandon this church
  • Jesus acknowledged the faithful few who did not compromise their faith
  • Jesus promised them to walk with Him in white

Promise for those who conquered (3:5)

  • clothed in white garments
  • Jesus will never blot his name out of the book of life.
  • Jesus will confess his name before the Father and his angels.

Challenge for the Faithful (3:2-3)

  • Strengthen what remains and is about to die
  • Remember God’s Story
  • Keep the Faith
  • Leading the community to repent and turn to God

Bottom Line

  • Through the faithful, God can bring new life to a dying church.


How Great Thou Art
Words & Music by Carl G. Boberg

All the Hallelujahs
Words & Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship

There Is A King
Words & Music by Brandon Lake, Steven Furtick, Tiffany Hammer

Heal Our Land 
Words & Music by Cody Carnes / Scott Ligertwood / Kari Jobe / Brook Ligertwood