Revelations 19-22

What does it mean to believe in Christianity?  In this series, we see that Christianity in essence is about a person - Jesus Christ.

  • He Came

  • He Died

  • He Rose

  • He Lives

  • He Will Come Again

But what if God did not tell us about the last part?
What if the gospel ended after Jesus Came, He Died, He Rose, and He Lives?

For some, it may not make a difference.
But for the world, it means everything to them.
The world that is in conflict, struggle, tension, danger, hurt, brokenness needs to know that Jesus Will Come Again.

Because when He comes, there is:


  • The Devil will be defeated when Jesus returns. (Revelations 19:10-20; Revelations 20:9-10)

  • All source of evil and wickedness will be defeated once and for all.


  • Everyone will stand before the throne to face judgment.  For those that received Christ they will receive life. (Revelations 20:12)

  • There is just and true judgment for everyone according to what they have done.


  • When Christ returns, He will bring with Him a new heaven and a new earth.  There will be no pain, no death, no mourning, nothing accursed. But God will be with man, and man with God. (Revelations 21:1)


This is the gospel that the broken world needs to hear.
These are what it means to believe in Jesus Christ.