1 Corinthians 15:3-11, 15:12-22, 15:32-34


Is resurrection real?
Yes, resurrection is real.
Resurrection refers to coming back from the dead with our souls in immortal bodies.
Paul tells us that the resurrection of Jesus is very real.
It is not only authenticated by the Scriptures, but also affirmed by the various trusted figures during that time.

Meaning of Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus means that there is life after death.
It means that the God we believe in is the living God.
Resurrection does not only imply that there is life after death. It also means that we have eternal life with Jesus.

What does it mean for us?

When there is eternal life, it means that our lives should be concerned about what eternal life is about.
Not just that but also to live our current lives as a reflection of eternal life.
We cannot eat, live, and be merry without thiking about the future.

How can we be concerned about eternal life now?

We can be concerned about eternal life by using our lives to reflect three things:

- Use our lives now to speak the truth.
- Not spreading rumors or gossip to further our own causes.

- Take care of the natural beauty that God has created.

- Spend time with family, church, and God.
- Love the community.