Matthew 14:13-21

A Sense of Inadequacy

Even though we understand that the needs are huge, we might still be hesitate to respond.  We might be questioning: “Who am I?”  “Am I too young to serve?”  “Is it too early to serve?” “Do I have anything to offer?”   The same questions were also in the mind of the disciples, when they were asked by Jesus to feed a huge crowd in a desolate place.

Bring them to Me

Jesus did not ask the disciples to give what they did not have. Jesus only asked them to give Him what they have got.  He then used what they had to bless the crowd.  He multiplied the loaves and fishes, and did something much greater than anyone could expect in the wilderness.

The Crowd vs. The Disciples

At the miracle, we can identify two types of people. On one hand, the crowd enjoyed the result of Jesus’ miracle.  They were well-fed, but they were only spectators.  The disciples, however,  played a totally different role.   As they were distributing the food among the crowd, they were partnering with Jesus. They became a part of Jesus’ Miracle team. Instead of being spectators, they were walking right in the middle of a miracle.


Jesus did not ask you to give what you do not have. He only ask you to bring what you have.  Do not underestimate your potential to change lives.   Give your five loaves and two fishes to Jesus, and He will do the work of multiplication.  The Koinonia story for the past eleven years is the evidence.


1)When was the last time you saw God moving in an awe-inspiring way in your life?

2)As 2017 is coming to an end, it is a good time to reflect on God’s faithfulness.  Are there times when you brought a small offering to God, and He multiplied it?

3)Even though you might not be at KEC when it was started eleven years ago, you can be part of the miracle story for the next ten years.  Are you ready to sign up and serve at one of the KEC ministry teams? (