Christmas Toy Drive completed for Richmond Christmas Fund!

As 2020 is coming to a close, we are supporting the Richmond Christmas Fund * by running a toy drive to bless the needy families at Richmond. Thank you KEC brothers and sisters of for your generosity! In just two and a half weeks, we collected a total of 324 toys and 24 gift cards for the Christmas Toy Drive! All the donated toys and gift cards have been safely delivered to the Richmond Christmas Fund today! Let's continue to pray that every toy donated will become a blessing to families and children in need in our community!

* In 2020, Richmond Christmas Fund has handed out 6,000 toys to approximately 1,000 Richmond families. The total number of beneficiaries is 2,864 people, including 849 children, 318 youth, and 347 seniors. 




Thank You Note from Downtown Eastside

Union Gospel Mission (UGM) from downtown eastside has produced a short video to thank KEC brothers and sisters for our support in the past year!

Video Link

Under the epidemic, the number of people in need of help in the city is increasing. UGM especially encourages KEC brothers and sisters to support the Christmas Hampers Project through online donations, and bless 300+ families and 150 elderly people by the end of the year.

Online Donation for UGM Christmas Hamper Store


Blessing the Community 

a new step of faith in May


When the world is in darkness, do Christians focus on self-preservation? Or do we see it as an opportunity to become the light of the world? Will we step up to share God's goodness and generosity to many people in need?

Reaching Out is more than just another sermon series, but a generosity campaign for the needy in the community.

Thank you for your generous gifts, the total amount of regular donations being received in May 2020 was $98,046.80! As planned, the amount has been donated among the following frontline organizations:

* Union Gospel Mission
* Compassion Canada 
* Doctors Without Borders
* Richmond Hospital Foundation 


Reaching Out Interview - Doctors Without Borders

Reaching Out Interview - Richmond Hospital Foundation

Reaching Out - Interview with Richmond Food Bank

Reaching Out - Interview with Compassion Canada

Reaching Out - Interview with Mission Possible


Reaching Out - Interview with Union Gospel Mission 

Thank you for supporting Richmond Food Bank!


This morning, we made our fifth trip to Richmond Food Bank! Since the beginning of April, the church has donated more than 900 pieces of food, including rice, noodles, and canned food to the food bank. Thank you brothers and sisters for all your contributions! Although our food drive has ended, we encourage you to drop off your food donations directly at Richmond Food Bank (5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond)




Thank you note from Greater Vancouver Food Bank

We want to add our heartfelt thanks to the Koinonia Evangelical Church for your $10,000 donation in April! We are so very grateful. These funds will go a long way towards providing healthy food to those in need each week. As you can imagine, things are changing daily for us in terms of dealing with new challenges presented by the COVID-19 health crisis. We have been able to secure 5 new food distribution locations across the 4 cities we support. Without question we expect to see a significantly increased need for food in the months ahead. We are now beginning to purchase a large amount of high protein, non-perishable food to see us through the months ahead, and we cannot thank you enough for your support.


Food Donation Items Reached 700!


We made our fourth delivery to Richmond Food Bank this morning. We thank God that the number of food items being donated through KMC has reached more than 700! Thank you again for your generosity!



Third Trip to Richmond Food Bank


Thank you for all your continued support! Many items have been collected at the end of April, as we made our third delivery to Richmond Food Bank! Donated items can be dropped off every Monday and Wednesday (10 AM - 3:00 PM) at KMC (Unit 150-13775 Commerce Parkway, Richmond, BC) Tel: 604.214.8243



Special Donation for Greater Vancouver Food Bank


"So many incredible community groups all across Greater Vancouver have been giving back! We want to take a moment to thank Koinonia Evangelical Church for raising $10,000 for our Food Bank to further help those who are in need." ~ from Greater Vancouver Food Bank


Special Donation to Richmond Hospital Foundation



One More Run to Richmond Food Bank


Thank you for all your continued contributions! We thank God for the many donated items at the second week of food collection!



First Donation Trip to Richmond Food Bank


Thank you for all the support! The first batch of donated food has been sent to Richmond Food Bank! Due to the Asian population at Richmond, we learned that rice and pasta are the most urgently needed item on the list.



Face Masks Donation to Union Gospel Mission


After knowing that Union Gospel Mission is in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in their service at Downtown Eastside, we donated 1,000 masks to UGM right before the Easter Weekend! 



Face Masks Donation to Mission Possible


After the pastoral team learned that Mission Possible at Downtown Eastside was in need of facemasks for the homeless, we decided to donate 1,000 masks (previously purchased for Sunday Service) to Mission Possible.