What is Oikos?

       Oikos is a New Testament Greek word that means household or family. It is the name we give for our Small Group Ministry at Koinonia. Oikos provides a setting where brothers and sisters can build relationships with one another and with God.

       An Oikos meets weekly from the beginning of September to the end of July. During the 11-month journey, group members are committed to grow, share, and pray for each other. It is a journey where precious relationships in Christ can be built. Many of these relationships will last a lifetime.

Four Oikos Tracks

(A) The Discipleship Track

       This track is suitable for people who want to build a solid foundation in discipleship. Believers who have recently accepted the Christian faith, or have been away from church but are now returning will find this track helpful. 

(B) The Spiritual Formation Track

       If you desire to deepen your relationship with God and to build a Christ-like character, join other like-minded Christians to pursue this journey. This track will be offered in September 2020.

(C) The Kingdom Movement Track

       Continue from previous Oikos journey, a disciple will seek God’s kingdom and pursue the movement that God has started in Vancouver. 

(D) Youth & College Track

       College and high school students (grade 7 to college) who seeks spiritual growth and companionship will join one of these tracks. Together they will deepen their faith and learn important skills to face life’s challenges. 


       Oikos members are committed to attend Sunday services regularly and to join weekly group meetings. Most Oikos gather on Friday evenings. A minimum of 70% attendance is expected. The first three tracks follow a curriculum and requires weekly preparations.


       Please pray for a readiness for transformation before you register to join. Ask God to help you invest one evening a week to nurture your spiritual life and build Christian friendships. When you are ready, follow Adult Oikos Registration link to register for Adult Oikos, and Youth/College Oikos registration link for Youth/College Oikos. The staff team will follow up with you.

       We understand that joining an Oikos is an important decision. Please do not hesitate to speak with a pastor after the Sunday service.


       Oikos members will sign a small group covenant during the first meeting in September.