Philippians 4:10-13

Dreams and Reality

  • We all have dreams and we believe that we will be satisfied and content. if we have reached certain level of salary and secured a certain position at work
  • But life is full of unexpected turns, imitations, set-backs, surprises, accidents or even misfortune
  • At the crossroad, we would feel disappointed, defeated and discontent
  • Facing all the limitations and set-backs in life, how do we keep moving on without  losing hope?
  • Is being joyful still a possibility?

Finding True Contentment

  • Despite of his situation, Paul wanted the church to know that his reason of being joyful, was NOT because his material needs are fulfilled
  • On the contrary God has put him through a tough school where he learned one of the most life lesson - contentment
  • In 4:11, Paul told the church that: he had learned in whatever situation to be content.  
  • In 4:12 Paul shared that, he knew how to get along with little, and how to live in prosperity
  • In 4:13, Paul declared that he could do all things - through him who strengthened Paul.
  • He had learned over the years that he was strong enough for anything, not because of his own endurance -  but because of the strength he received from the sufficiency of Christ.
  • Joy is more about contentment, not achievement.  

True contentment 
can be experienced in whatever situation 
when you are with Someone 
rather than have something