Acts 6:7-15; 7:54-60; 8:1-25

The Church Scattered

  • Opposition against the Jerusalem church did not stop at ACTS 5.
  • Starting from chapter 6, he opposition intensified
  • Stephen was cast out of the city and being stoned to death  
  • After this tragedy, there was a great persecution against the church.
  • The Jerusalem church was shattered and shattered.
  • How would one continue to follow Jesus in such a tough time?

Surprises in Samaria

  • Instead of hiding, Philip went down to Samaria and continued proclaiming Christ.
  • Samaria was not supposed to be a gospel-friendly place  
  • To everyone’s surprise, the Samaritans were positive about God.
  • Lives were restored and transformed and there was much joy in that city.  
  • The exciting work at Samaria was affirmed by the apostles in Jerusalem. 

From Unplugged to Anchored

  • Philip did not limit God’s mission within the four walls of Jerusalem.
  • Through a life anchored in God’s mission, the gospel is being proclaimed.  
  • The gospel is proclaimed through lives who were in step with the Spirit.  
  • From being unplugged to being anchored - in God’s presence and mission.