Luke 19:1-10


  • excuses are never just something trivial
  • making excuses caused Saul his title as the first King of Israel
  • making excuses caused the servant in the parable not just his job, but his entire destiny  
  • what have you been missing out by making excuses ? 

FIVE Steps for Breaking Through the Excuses

  • Catch yourself doing it
  • Interrogate your excuses
  • Is there a command that I need to follow?
  • Remember God has a good purpose for you
  • Tell somebody that you are going to renounce the excuses and lies 

What is impossible with man ...

  • the Bible did not just quote Jesus talking about this possibility
  • In Luke 19, Luke is validating Jesus saying with a true story
  • Zacchaeus could have offered Jesus tons of excuses and stay at his status quo
  • But he offered not excuses but recompenses
  • When he met Jesus, he knew this was the right thing to do
  • It was difficult for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God.
  • But, what is impossible with man is possible with God.

If you don’t identify your excuses, you’ll excuse your life away. 

Prayer of Breaking Through

Dear Gid, we acknowledge that all through our lives, we often hide behind our excuses, and live in lies we tell ourselves. But today, I know this is going nowhere. Lord, deliver me from this dead-end.  Lord, I want to open my heart and welcome you.  I ask for Your healing presence to be with me, to replace the fear, the greed, the lust, or whatever darkness  that compels me to make excuses for myself. Forgive my sins and purify me from all unrighteousness. Amen.