John 6:38, John 8:29, John 4:34, John 10:37-38

We work, half of our waking hours for half of our lives.
For some, work is adventurous, enjoyable, and fulfilling.
For some, work is just a means to an end, to survive — to make money.
For some, work is a burden, or a torture, or an escape, or a means for validation. Yet, even when work is so definitive, we do not exactly understand why we work. This week we turn to Gospel of John and look at Jesus’ Theology of Work.
And from there, reflect our own theology of work.
By doing so, regain clarity,
Refocus our vision, and
Re-centre our life back to the way God intended for us to enjoy.

Jesus’ Theology of Work can be summarized into four aspects:

  1. MISSION — the purpose of Jesus’ work, it is the goal of his time on earth. ~ John 6:38
  2. DESIRE — what Jesus genuinely wants to do. ~ John 8:29
  3. FULFILLMENT — his satisfaction and enjoyment ~ John 4:34
  4. CONVICTION — the will to do something even when Jesus didn’t want to, but because he knows he needs to and is suppose to, he choose to. ~ John 10:37-38

But one commonality that congruently connects everything is the Father’s will.
The Father’s will is the essence, the core, the heart of all of Jesus’ ministry.
The Father’s will is what gives purpose, motivation, satisfaction, and gratification.

And the secret for Jesus,
The secret of Jesus’ success in his work,
Also the secret to our success in our work is alignment.

Alignment is what brings everything together.
Alignment is the connection between all of Jesus’ work.
Alignment to the Father’s will is the secret to Christian work.