Philippians 3:1-9


The current society places a lot of emphasis on being flawless.
Many of us are concerned about how we see ourselves and how others see us. 
That impacts the way that we carry ourselves. 
In our lives we are searching for contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. 
Sometimes we look for that in relationships. 
But more often than not we do not find that in relationships. 
Instead we find discontent and dissatisfaction.
Paul tells us that things that we have are not things that can give us real contentment and fulfillment. 
The only one that gives us contentment is Christ Jesus. 
Paul shares that all the earthly acclaims and worldly standards are worthless.
The only one that is worthwhile and long-lasting is Christ Jesus. 
We might think that it is hard to have a fulfilling relationship with Jesus. 
But it can be as simple as ABC.
A: Anchor in Christ
  • Anchor in Christ means for us to go back to Christ in everything.
  • No matter what thing you are experiencing you can share it with Him.
  • It does not have to be just the big things, it can be small things as well.
  • In fact, it should be everything and all things.

B: Build a relationship with Christ

  • Just as how we would spend time with others to build our relationships with them, we need to spend time with Jesus to build our relationship with Him.
  • No matter the activity that we do with Jesus, the key is for us to spend time with Him to know Him. 
C: Confidence/Completion in Christ
  • The things that we have confidence in are things that will pass.
  • The things that we have are things according to worldly standards.
  • But one thing that will never change is Christ.
  • And that is the thing that we can have confidence in. 
Instead of finding our Mr. Right or Mrs. Right, let us first be alright. 



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