Ephesians 4:17-32

A disciple is…

– A disciple is a Christ’s follower who grows in Christ-likeness AND produces Christ-like disciples.

Stages in the growth of a disciple

– Infant -> child -> adult -> parent

Spiritual Child – Characteristics

– The spiritual child is a disciple who has begun the process of life transformation to Christ-likeness.

Spiritual Child – Needs

The spiritual child needs to apply bible knowledge to daily life, rather than just constant accumulation of knowledge.

The spiritual child needs life transformation

The Model of Life Transformation (Ephesians 4:17-32)

– Put off your old self
– Renew your mind/thinking
– Put on the new self – Christ-likeness
– Transformation of the mind will lead to the transformation of life

2 Ways to Nurture Life Transformation:

1. Join small group – Oikos, ACTS Fellowship

Oikos – Life Transformation by God in Community
Core values: 
To Grow/
To Share
/To Pray
/To Multiply

2. Join a Ministry Team

Life Transformation through Service


  1. Life Transformation takes effort and intention. Are you ready to make that choice?
  2. Are you ready to commit this year in 2018 to get rid of our old self and wear the new self that is modelled after Jesus?