Isaiah 59:1-2; Psalm 66:18; Luke 7:36-50

How can we experience the love of God?

It is the same way we experience love from others. We need a good, close, and consistent relationship.

What is the real problem?

Not only we put all blame on God when we cannot experience Him, and instead of putting our focus on who God is, we put all of our attention on what God can offer us. But also we let our sins and our darkness to keep us away from God and prevent us from building up a good, close, and consistent relationship with God.

What can sins do?

It can numb our heart. Create guilt and shame. Blindfold us from our darkness. And they are totally and completely opposite to God’s character. They cut off our communication with God. Imagine, how can someone who kept him trapped in sins can experience the presence to God?

What can we do?

Be honest to yourselves and find out what kind of sins kept us away from God. Then repent and ask for the forgiveness from God. Because the more we aware our darkness and ask from forgiveness, the more sins will be forgiven and the more love and acceptance we will experience from God.

This is the key to experience the peace and the love of God.

What do we ask?

– Are there any sins inside me which separate you from God?

– Are there any sins inside me, such as pride, greediness, self-centredness  indifference, hatred, anger, doubt, disbelief, which are opposite to God’s characters, preventing me to build a good, close and consistent relationship with Jesus?

– Are there any addictions inside you, substance abuse, pornography, sex, alcohol, things that simply cannot let go of, that keep me away from God?