Reaching Out Campaign - Thank you letters from beneficiary organizations


Thank God for leading KEC our second annual “Reaching Out” generosity campaign! One of the projects at the campaign is to donate all general offerings collected in May to support the needy far and near. The total amount being raised is $142,045, which greatly exceeds our $100,000 target! According to the original plan, the church has allocated all the funds to the following organizations:

Charitable organizations 

  • Compassion Canada  $40,000 CAD
  • Union Gospel Mission  $30,000 CAD
  • Richmond Hospital Foundation  $20,000 CAD
  • Richmond Food Bank  $12,000 CAD

Missional and Parachurch organizations 

  • Richmond Christian School  $10,000 CAD
  • Regent College  $10,000 CAD
  • Vancouver Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre  $10,000 CAD
  • The Media Evangelism Limited  $10,000 CAD

The pastoral team would like to thank brothers and sisters for your active participation. Let us continue to practice generosity and share His love in our community! 


KEC will be launching our annual generosity campaign REACHING OUT in May again!
Just as last year, we will practice generosity together as a church. As a step of faith, we will donate 100% of May's offering to support different charitable and Christian organizations in our community.

Charitable organizations (75%)

  • Compassion Canada
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Richmond Hospital Foundation
  • Richmond Food Bank

Missional and Parachurch organizations (25%)

  • Richmond Christian School
  • Regent College
  • Vancouver Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre
  • The Media Evangelism Limited

Let’s prepare our hearts and practice generosity together in 2021!

Compassion Canada

Reaching out interview

Union Gospel Mission

Reaching out interview

Richmond Food Bank

Reaching out interview

Richmond Hospital Foundation

Reaching out interview