• We commit to learn and to grow spiritually.
  • We will follow the group’s curriculum and make preparations before attending group meetings. This includes reading the assigned materials, answering questions, and completing exercises.


  • We commit to pray for each other regularly.


  • We commit to be humble and respectful.
  • We acknowledge that the Oikos time is not a platform for correction, arguments, inappropriate comments, hurtful statements, or anything that puts others down.
  • We will support the group leaders in facilitating an authentic and fruitful discussion.


  • We commit to keep our sharing within the group unless:
    • permission has been given to share something outside of the group;
    • circumstances require pastoral advice and/or intervention as deemed necessary by the group leaders or the pastoral team.


  • We commit to attend at least 70% of all group meetings.  
  • We acknowledge that attendance is vital to the dynamics and relationships among the group; therefore, we will do our best to prioritize our small group over other commitments.
  • If we are unable to attend a group meeting, or arrive on time, we will give advance notice to the group leaders with a responsible explanation.
  • We commit to growing together spiritually by attending worship services (Saturday evenings from 6:00PM - 7:00PM). 


  • We will try our best to arrive on time to service and oikos. 


  • Each Oikos group will have their own designated communication platform.
  • The group leaders will share discussion notes and updates through each group's designated communication platform.
  • We commit to respect one another on these platforms.
  • When we leave the group, the leaders will remove our contact from these platforms.