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With the increasing popularity of social media and the rise of social media influencers, making social media content in hopes of going viral has never been more desirable for youths today. The culture's obsession with going viral has influenced youth so that their goal for using social media is to gain self-recognition. However, using social media for self-focused reasons may negatively affect youth and therefore through this series, the youth will join a social media influencer Caleb Stewart Davis who will teach them how to create content to connect with people. The youth will learn to use social media not for themselves solely but with the goal of positively influencing others to Christ and glorifying God. 

Going viral through the lens of the gospel reminds us it is not about the youth themselves but how they can use their social media and life to tell others about Jesus. Our cultural values going viral in order to seek validation to answer the question of "Do I Matter?" This series will help the youth recognize:

Their validation is from God, not their followers. 

Once they realize their identity as God's precious children, they will be more aware of how they live out their lives so that their behavior is consistent with their faith. 

They will courageously share their personal story with Jesus to others. 

Lastly, they will follow the example of humility displayed by Jesus through showing care and being a curious learner. They will start asking good questions and giving others the opportunity to speak and share. 

This series is important because of the influence the youth has on the world as ambassadors of Christ. When the youth see influence through the lens of the gospel, they will see their motivation for going viral is for influence rather than validation. To influence others with the Good News of Jesus, the greatest influencer ever.

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