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Do I have to share the Gospel? If you are asked to share the Gospel with someone you don’t know well, isn’t it nerve wracking? Are you not sharing the Gospel because deep down you doubt they'll ever accept Jesus? Is sharing the Gospel uncomfortable for you because you are scared of someone rejecting you? As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to share the Gospel with others so how can we overcome some of the hurdles named here?
"Why did the Chicken cross the road?" Throughout the series, we will use the famous chicken-crossing-the -road joke as a metaphor for us and the adventure God is calling each of us into. We are the chicken. The road represents obstacles. And the other side represents what God is calling us to do. We will see how we can be Chickens of Valor when we see the adventure through the lens of the gospel. All the discomfort, danger, and people will be worth it. We know it'll all be worth it as Jesus himself willingly crossed the road first in order to redeem us from our sins and he overcame the discomfort, the non-friendly people and faced rejection. Why? Because we are worth it.
One universal calling God has given all of us is to share the gospel everywhere. Jesus sacrificed his life for us and crossed the road to rescue us from sin because we're worth it. We as believers of Christ, should say Yes to following Jesus into adventure as his witnesses because in His eyes, every person on earth is worth it. When we see this truth of the Gospel, we will also be willing to cross the road and participate in the adventure God has called us to go on with Him.
Join us as we discover how to overcome obstacles and cross to the other side of the road as Chickens of Valor for God!
P.S. Please check the January Parents Newsletter by opening the attached PDF file!