Romans 8:18-30
Morning Star (2) Blue Christmas Survival Guide

What is your Christmas colour?

  • Blue Christmas is a day in the Advent season marking the longest night of the year.
  • Some churches would hold a special church service that honours people who have lost loved ones and are experiencing grief.
  • While Christmas is joyful for many people, Christmas can be BLUE for some people.
  • We are stuck in a world with pain and suffering, which seems to have no end.
  • Where do we find hope and courage to face the dark moments in life? 

Reality Check from Romans 8

  • Pain is Real
    • God’s Creation (8:22)
    • God’s People (8:23)
  • Pain does not have the final word
    • Present sufferings vs future glory (8:18)
    • Freedom from bondage → Freedom of God’s glory (8:21)
  • In the midst of pain, you are not forgotten.   
    • Holy Spirit prays for you (8:26-27)
    • God is eager to complete His Promise (8:28-30) 

Do the next Right Thing

  • Make Room for a Miracle