Matthew 24, Revelations 22:16

If the big earthquake that is supposed to hit Vancouver hits today, are you prepared? In 2022, we have seen the impacts of global warming, wars, long covid, natural disasters, hate crimes, nuclear war threats, protests that have led to brutal outcomes and even climbing inflation, interest rates, and increases in layoffs and lack of employment opportunities. Can the state of the world get any worse?

Yes. We know it will because Jesus already told us so. 
The Birth pains that signal Jesus’ return have already started:

  • Birth pains won't stop until the baby is born;
  • Birth pains will increase in frequency and intensity, however, when the pain will strike is unpredictable.  

The end is near
Jesus warns that there will be wars, deception, false prophets, lawlessness, betrayal, persecution and more before his return.

  • All these signs that Jesus has mentioned about His coming will continue until the day He returns.
  • These pains and disasters we see in the world will continue to be more frequent and increase in severity.

Jesus is the Bright morning star

  • The morning star only appears when the night has reached its deepest darkness
  • We have hope. The Good News is that Jesus Christ has triumphed over all darkness.
  • Just as the appearance of the morning star signals morning has come, as darkness continues to increase, we know that the Light is coming very soon. 

The warning:

  • Jesus’ return is also a time of judgment
  • We don’t know the exact time and date of Jesus’ long-awaited return, we know his return is now nearer than ever.
  • Are you prepared?
  • Either way, when you see Jesus, you will have to give an account of how you lived your life whether you are prepared or not. 

How can we prepare for Jesus’ return?

  • Pursue godly living
  • Be ready for suffering
  • Serve faithfully 

This period of waiting for Jesus’ coming reveals a person’s heart. The way we think about the Lord’s return will influence our words and actions. A true disciple of Jesus will watch and be prepared because it is his or her kingdom nature to do so. 

Jesus is coming, are you prepared?