Luke 8:4-15; Psalm 1:2-3

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus mentions 4 different conditions where the seed was sown and the results of the seed:

  1. Path → trampled, devoured
  2. Rock → withered dried up
  3. Thorns → choked
  4. Good soil → yielded a hundredfold 

Jesus explained that the seed is the word of God and the four types of soil represent different responses to God’s Word. Everyone has the same seed! The difference comes down to how you and I receive the seed, which is the Word of God. The soil is our heart. The condition of our heart. Our heart is what makes the difference in determining the outcome of the seed. 

The 3 types of conditions that result in spiritual death:

  1. Hears, but does not believe.
  2. Believes, but does not have a solid foundation.
    • So when things don’t go their way and they encounter challenges or obstacles, they quickly fall away.
  3. Grows, but does not prune.
    • they are growing in the Word of God but they don’t prune. They let the FINITE things of this world over, become higher priorities in their lives over God. 

Although there seem to be 4 outcomes for the seed, there are, in fact, only 2: to be spiritually dead or spiritually alive. Only the seed on good soil had life. All the other three conditions of the seed resulted in death. 

The choice is up to us to choose. Are we living our lives to be spiritually alive or living our lives to be spiritually dead? Ultimately, it comes down to whether our hearts are receptive to God’s Word and His teachings. 

How can we strive toward being spiritually alive?

  • Receive the Seed (God’s Word)
  • Take Care of the Soil

It is easy for us to identify our soil but then neglect to do anything about it. That is what a person may normally do, but the challenge is for our church to not settle for the norm. Instead, let us take the initiative to allow the seed that’s in us to grow and maximize the conditions for it to grow a hundredfold and prosper. So let us not settle for the ordinary, let’s cultivate the soil of our hearts and allow God’s Word to transform our lives. 

Reflection and Prayer Time

  • What's the condition of your heart today? Are you spiritually alive or spiritually dead?
  • What can you continue or stop doing to be spiritually alive? Spend some time in confession to God