Luke 10:25-37

We’ve all grasped that God cares and we are to care about the injustices in the world.  However, the problem is big, how can we solve the world’s problem, specifically, the needs of the poor?

We know God created a new community of people to be a light for the nations. To be a nation that draws others towards the light. But as a small community here at KEC, what can we do?

  • We are not very resourceful, realistically what can we do?  So we ask God:
    • The problem is huge, can you tell me who I can, should love, what to do and I don’t have much so can’t really give much?”
    • What does it mean to help the poor and needy? 

From Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, we learned that:

  • The Samaritan did more than the minimum. He saw a neighbour in need and did all he could to help.  
  • The lawyer’s original reason why he asked Jesus to define who was his neighbour was because he wanted to confirm that he was going to inherit eternal life.
  • However, Jesus never defined who our neighbours are, but through the parable we see that we are the neighbour to whoever is in need in front of us.
    • The lawyer asked Jesus, “who is my neighbour?” but Jesus corrected the question to be “to whom am I neighbour?” 

Just like the Samaritans, who saw the half-dead man on the road and stopped to take action immediately to attend to the man, we should stop and take a look at those around us who may be in need.  

What can we do immediately?

  • Give and Serve.
    • Sometimes we are afraid to give because we fear that we will not have enough for ourselves. However, if we as the church gave to those in need around us, in the worst case scenario that we’ve given to others and actually end up not having enough for ourselves, we won’t have to worry because we know those around us will help us.
    • What’s amazing about God is that as we give and serve those in need, God will absolutely give us more, and put more resources to us as we are faithful in our stewardship.

This week, start with noticing someone around you that has a need and be a light there. We all have neighbours in front of us. We just need to pay attention to others around us, and we will start to notice that there are many people in need in front of us. 

So as the Church, let us:

  • Seek to live justly and be a light to the world that draws others to be generous to those in need.
  • Turn our eyes away from ourselves and towards God to see what He sees, what he hears and feel what he feels. Just like our just and loving God, we should have compassion for the marginalized.
  • Be a neighbour to anyone in need around us and take action in helping them.