As we are stepping into a new year of changes and uncertainties, we encourage everyone to enter this new season with faith.

Abraham was a model of faith for us. Abraham didn’t know where he was going, but he trusted that God would fulfill his promises. Abraham didn’t always get it right, but we should at least give him credit for initially stepping out in faith, following God into the unknown. We too, like Abraham, can sometimes doubt God’s faithfulness, but are we willing to at least step out in faith?

Our faith is based on at least one form of evidence. For some, we come to personally experience God’s love and trustworthiness. For others, faith is the result of trusting those who testify to God’s faithfulness. We trust the stories of God at work – stories in the Bible, stories throughout history, and stories today. We can have faith (confidence and assurance) because we have heard of the goodness of God or seen it for ourselves. 

Abraham made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country and he lived in tents. Abraham was willing to sacrifice in the present because he trusted that God would build something for the future.

We are all on a journey toward our heavenly home. The problem is that we can easily get short-sighted. We fix our eyes on what is seen and temporary. We get distracted by momentary troubles. We worry about the obstacles in our way or the sacrifices that we need to make because we would rather be comfortable. What we ultimately long for is eternal life with God where there will be no more grief, sickness, or even disappointments.

Step into this unknown future with faith. Our primary calling as God’s people is to go where God calls us with faith, hope, and trust. In this new year ahead, give it a go, consider sacrifices you are willing to make, and look at everything from an eternal perspective.