2 Timothy 2:1-13, 3:1-9, 3:10-17, 4:1-8, 4:9-18


Fight by Faith
Words & Music by Carson Li@KEC Worship


Toward the end of Paul's life, he wrote many letters to different churches and people. 2 Timothy was the last recorded letter that Paul wrote for Timothy. He encouraged Timothy and gave him a charge to pass on the mantle. 
First 5 charges:
1.Preach the Word; 
2.Be ready in season and out of season;
3-5. Reprove, rebuke, and exhort.
Paul reminds Timothy to keep telling others of the good news, and it does not matter if they want to hear it or not, it does not matter if they are ready to hear it or not, Timothy is supposed to keep preaching. Aside from preaching, Paul reminds Timothy that he is supposed to correct, teach, scold, urge others strongly about what is correct.
Next 4 charges:
6. Always be sober-minded;
7. Endure suffering;
8. Do the work of an evangelist;
9. Fulfill your ministry.
After a short detour of telling Timothy he has to do all these with patience and teaching, because the people around him will want to listen only to the good things, Paul tells Timothy the next four charges. 
Paul tells Timothy to be sober-minded because of those challenges he mentioned in v.3-4. Aside from that Timothy also has to endure suffering, and this point was one thing that Paul repeats again and again over the whole letter (1:8,2:3,2:9). He then goes on to remind Timothy, one last time to keep preaching and sharing the gospel and not to forget his ministry. 
At the end, Paul tells Timothy that there is something for you to look forward to at the end. 
While we might think that this charge and this encouragement is not for us, the truth is that it is for us as well. We are called to minister to those who are around us, especially for those who are parents. Our children are placed in our care and we are to minister to them. 
There are different ways that we can do it for the children. 
  1. Model for them by participating worship on time, by setting aside time on Sunday mornings to join the others online.
  2. Enroll them and encourage them to participate in Karpos or Youth Sunday online worship.
  3. Spend time with them to do devotion, take time out to make that a habit with them.


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Fight by Faith
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