2 Samuel 13:1-22, 13:23-14:33, 15:1-37, Psalm 38, 1 John 1:6-9

We know a lot about David. We read about his exploits as he grew up.
From his time as a shepherd to his time as a warrior and now his time as a king.
David is a man after God's heart, but he is not infallible.

As a king, he gave in to temptation and he fell. He sinned and he was rebuked by the prophet Nathan.
After that incident, David felt guilt and remorse.
In his own mind, he feels that he deserves the bad things that are happening.
When his eldest son violated his daughter, David was incapacitated and kept his silence.
When his third son killed his eldest son, David was devastated yet he still kept his silence.
When his third son plotted against him, David fled yet he still kept his silence.
All the things that are happening to David, in his mind he deserves all these because of his sin.

But God is merciful and full of grace.
God restored David.
Just as God had mercy and grace for David, we receive it from God as well.
Jesus came to die for us and to redeem us.
The negativity that we believe we deserve are all borne by Christ when he died and his blood washed away our sins.

Christ has given us a new chapter, and has invited us to live a life of purpose.
A life that fulfills the purpose that God has for us.

Are you ready to accept this invitation and walk out from your guilt?
I invite you to live a redeemed life of purpose.



Restore My Soul 
Words and Music by Andi Rozier
Behold the Lamb
Words & Music by Kristian Stanfill, Phil Wickham, Melodie Malone  
Words & Music by Chris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) 
Words and Music by Joel Houston and Jonas Myrin