Psalm 91

Coronavirus anxiety is everywhere, and it has no cure.

(The Washington Post - March 4, 2020)
- Symptom of coronavirus: shortness of breath
- Symptom of coronavirus anxiety: holding of breath
- Symptom of coronavirus: cough
- Symptom of coronavirus anxiety: panic-shopping
- Symptom of coronavirus: fever
- Symptom of coronavirus anxiety: disorienting awareness that every surface is crawling with microorganisms

Antidote for Coronavirus Anxiety

- If God has given us an antidote for Coronavirus Anxiety, it would be the Psalms.

- One type of psalm is particularly effective in fighting off panic and anxiety. They are called Songs of Trust.
- Psa. 11, 16, 23, 27, 62, 63, 91, 121, 125, 131

How do Songs of Trust work?

(1) it prevents you from hyper-focusing on a threat
(2) Second, it shifts your focus from the threat to the cure

Threats mentioned in Psalm 91

- The snares of the fowlers; deadly pestilence; the terror of the night; arrow that flies by the day
- Psalm 91 talks about all kinds of threats that may come from any direction, at any time, on a biblical scale that is way beyond our ability to cope.
- In the midst of these threats, God promised his protection

The Cure

- The antidote is the Most High. It is the Almighty.
- He is the shelter. He is the refuge. He is the fortress. He is the cure.

How it works

- God is not just any refuge. He is MY refuge.
- He is not just any fortress. He is MY fortress.
- He is not just any God. He is MY God.
- So he is not just any cure. He is MY cure.
- This simple, two-letter word makes all the difference in the world of threats.

His Pledge

- To the person who holds fast to me in love; to him, to her, who knows my name; to those who call on to me, I give this pledge:
- I will deliver him.
- I will protect him.
- I will answer him.
- I will be with him in trouble.
- I will rescue him.
- I will honour him.
- I will satisfy him with long life.
- I will show him my salvation.
- In a world filled with threats that may strike you at any time, from any direction, on a global scale that is way beyond your ability to cope. I pledge my protection - 24/7, three hundred and sixty, on a micro as well as a macro scale, that is beyond your ability to comprehend.
- Because you cling to me in love, I will not let you down. Your eternal wellbeing is secure.

Directions for taking the medication

- Dwell in him.
- Come home everyday.
- Abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
- Rest in Him.
- While you are there: Read his words; recite Psalm 91; make it your own; memorize it; claim it.
- Make his pledge your security, his faithfulness your immune system.