John 5:1-9


  • What is that one thing in your life that you know your life will be better without it?
  • e.g. a habit, cravings, lust, online game addiction, pornography, an extra-marital affair, anger, bitterness?
  • We have all of these bad habits, issues and addictions and we all know that our life will be much better without them.
  • So how come we haven't got rid of them?
  • Perhaps in some secret way, we are enjoying them.
  • We claim to be Christians but we keep living our lives with all these baggage of bad habits and problems.
  • Does it have to be this way?

The Good News

  • Jesus encountered a sick man who has been an invalid for 38 years at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-9)
  • Jesus asked the man: “Do you want to be healed?”
  • Jesus asked the sick man a simple Yes or No question but he didn’t give a simple yes or no answer. He doesn’t say he wants to get well.
  • Instead he started complaining and blaming people who were not willing to help him.
  • Sometimes getting well is harder than staying sick.
  • When you are well, you can no longer blame other people just like the invalid man
  • You have to start taking responsibility of owning your bad behavior, habits, and problems. That can be very difficult and scary.
  • When it comes to the question that Jesus is asking this morning, we also don’t want to say “YES!” because it's so much easier to lie on the mat and makes excuses and blames.
  • How does Jesus respond to all these excuses and blaming?
  • He gave a command: “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.”
  • The sick man was cured and he made a conscious and deliberate decision to obey and walk.
  • Later, Jesus encountered the man and Jesus told him to sin no more, "that nothing worse may happen to you.”

Our Problem as Christians

  • Sin is like a virus and it is infecting the hearts of many, many people including Christians right at this moment across cities, communities, and countries.
  • Jesus has offered a cure for sin because He is the Son of God and He has given the authority from the Father.
  • Our problem is that we never really decide to follow Jesus. We are "undiscipled disciples" (Dallas Willard, The Great Omission)
  • Are you just a Christian or are you going to pick up your mat and walk as a disciple? Do you actually have the intention to get well?
  • There is a cost attached to discipleship. Have you calculated the cost? Are you ready to pay the price?
  • Long Obedience in the Same Direction (Eugene Peterson) - Jesus can make you well and give you a new life. But you have to be obedient in the long run.
  • As Christians, we can change and heal this world, but the healing must start with us first.
  • You cannot stop the virus of sin but you can be cured of it by the power of Jesus through your obedience as a disciple.

Jesus is asking you the same question right now: "Do you want to be healed?" How are you going to respond?