Matthew 14:13-33

Have you ever had “I should have…” moments

  • In relationships:

- I should have said told her/ him
- I should not have went out

  • In career/ finance:

- I should have switched jobs
- I should have invested in this

Have you thought about the potential “I should have…” moments in the area of faith?
When you get to the end of your life, do you think there will be things you should/ should not have done in the area of faith?

This is important because faith affects all the areas of your life. It’s the most important aspect of your life.

  • I should have followed Jesus more seriously
  • I should have obeyed the call to serve
  • I should have listened to what God told me to do

I think the twelve disciples might have had a similar thought as well, when they reflect back on their journey with Jesus.
I think some of them will say they should have walked out to water when Peter went. (Matthew 14:22-33)

God certainly wants you to experience him like Peter did.
God’s heart is for you to experience him by you responding to his call and stepping out in faith.

Do you want to walk on water? Do you want to experience God? Do you want to walk out in faith to follow Jesus?

Here are seven steps to do so:

  • Identify the sea (Where are you stuck? Where are you struggling?)
  • Identify the boat (What is your comfort zone? What is holding you back from change?)
  • Find Jesus (What does God say about your situation?)
  • Position Yourself (Prepare yourself for opportunity)
  • Step Out of the Boat (Respond to the call in faith)
  • Try Not to Doubt (Don’t look at two things at once)
  • Jesus Will Save You (even if you fall)
  • Rinse and repeat (continue the walk on water process!)

Do you want to walk on water?