2 Kings 13:14-25, 2 Kings 2:1-14, 1 Kings 19:19-21


  • Christmas has become a very busy time of the year for two reasons: Buying and returning.
  • You can send stuff back for refund when they do not meet your expectations. Just like that, the things that do not meet your expectations are gone from your life.
  • But sadly, not all things in our life can be returned when they do not meet our expectations.
  • You cannot return or get rid of the things that disappoint you in life no matter how hard you try
  • So what do you do when something is not what you expected? You lower your expectations.
  • You keep lowering your expectations until you have no expectations.
  • No Expectations, No Disappointments.
  • Sadly enough this type of no expectation thinking spread to your relationship with God as well because He too does not meet your expectations.

The Problem

  • This type of no expectation mentality comes with a high cost.
  • In the Old Testament , King Joash ended up paying a high cost when he has a low expectation of God - Israel won three battles against the Syrians but ended up losing the whole war. He struck the arrow only three times when he could have struck more (2 Kings 13:14-25)
  • "Most Christians Expect little from God, ask little, and therefore receive little, and are content with little." - Arthur Pink
  • Elisha on the other hand had high expectations of God and he kept pursuing by asking for the double portion of Elijah's spirit. He was persistent even the circumstances were against him. In the end, he became Elijah's successor and wore the same cloak that his master once had (2 Kings 2:1-14)

The Key Question: What was sustaining Elisha’s high expectations of God all these years?

  • The cloak that was placed upon Elisha years ago was the answer as it represented God's promise. It was not just any promise but a promise from the heavenly Father. (I Kings 19:19-21)
  • Why do you continue to have such low expectations of God?
  • Have you gotten so caught up in our disappointments in life that they strip you of any expectations of God?
  • We are often so blinded by our disappointments that we have forgotten God’s promises.
  • The moment we lower our expectations of God, we would mark the beginning of the deterioration of our relationship with Him.
  • Your Father’s heart is broken because you, His son and daughters are not expecting more from Him. You say you care and you love your father but you keep expecting very little from Him.

The Father's promises

  • Your Father has already given us all the promises that you need in the Bible which is full of God’s promises.
  • So expect these promises to happen.
  • Your father has given you an arrow and He is asking: "How many times would you strike?"
  • Keep striking and put in everything that you got! Let the expectations spill over to the rest of your life, your relationship, and your church.
  • Your father is calling you to come and seek Him for the double portion that you need.

The Challenge

  • Do you want to experience things that you have never thought possible? Pick up your arrow and start striking.