John 4:7-30

1. What are the things we cannot stop desiring more and more?

  • shopping, relationships, sex, pornography, video games, or something else
  • we might want to get rid of it but we can't
  • we don't want to share with anyone because it is shameful, hurtful, and disappointing to do so.

2. What was the problem with the Samaritan Woman?

  • She had 5 husbands and now with a man she is not married to
  • A desire for true love
  • She didn't want to face it or talk to anyone about it

3. Why did Jesus offer her living water at first but revealed her problem in life after?

  • Jesus knew what got her life stuck
  • Jesus knew what was stopping her from receiving the living water completely
  • Jesus wanted to face this problem with her
  • Jesus wanted her to receive Him into her life completely.

4. Jesus is and wants to offer us this living water today too!

  • Are you willing to let Jesus touch your life and reveal the problem?
  • Are you willing to face the habit/addiction with Jesus?
  • Decide now!
  • Open up yourself to Him!
  • Find people