Luke 17:5-6, Matthew 8:5-13

More is Possible.

The more that God promises is possible.
But we question ourselves if it is true.
We think that it is possible if we have "more" faith.
But what does more faith means?

Increase our faith!

We are not the only ones to ask for more faith.
The apostles asked for it as well.
Jesus answers them faith that is like a grain of mustard seed is enough.
Not one mountain, not one kilogram, but one grain.
Jesus is saying that the size does not matter, the quantity does not matter.
So what matters if the size and quantity do not matter?

Faith of the Centurion

The Roman centurion was a man who is under authority.
That helped him in his understanding of the meaning of authority.
He also recognized the authority that Jesus has.
And that gave him faith in approaching Jesus for the healing of his servant.
Jesus marvels at the faith that the centurion has.

What matters?

What matters to our faith is our understanding of the authority.
Our understanding of the identity of God.
Not only do we need to understand, we need to have actions as well.
We can have more, and the more is possible when we have understanding and action.
Remember, it is not one mountain, not one kilogram, but just one grain.