Luke 19:11-27

No matter what kind of investment you are involved, may it be real estate, mutual funds or the stock market, no one would like to receive zero return in investment.

For every investor, there is only one simple goal: to maximize the investment return.

In the parable of the ten minas, while the first two servants tried took the master's money and engage in business, the third servant did nothing but hiding the mina in a handkerchief.

Two Types of Stewardship: (1) Playing Safe (2) Being Faithful and Bold

Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag (Luke 19:26 - The Message)

The 1% Challenge: reserving 1% of your annual income and invest in the poorest parts of the world.


How much are you investing in what the master is serious about?
How much do you care about what your master really cares?
Besides your earthly career, have you thought of your eternal career?
Do you notice that your future reward in eternity, is depending on what and how you are investing now?