Luke 12:22-28

People always have the tendency to put the quality of lives in equivalent to the amount of belongings they possess. Some may claim to be followers of God, but at the same time being deeply in love with worldly possessions.

Although these people might not be greedy, they choose to build their security upon what they own. They believe that possession can be translated into genuine security in life.

But is it true? No, it is not. Indeed, it is quite the opposite. Instead of feeling safe from what they have, they feel even more insecure from what they do not have or yet to have.

Just as what Jesus taught His disciples, we shall not build our security on the earthly possession, but on God who promised to provide what we need every day. Because

1. We are precious in God’s eyes.

Consider the raven, neither sow nor reap, have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Do you think you would be less valued than a bird? Besides, we are created in the image of God. We are the children and God is our father. If children can count on their earthly parent for protection and providence, we can also count on our heavenly father.

2. God has promised to provide what is best for us.

Consider the lilies, neither toil nor spin, yet, even Solomon’s glory could not compare with their beauty. How much more He will provide you? Not only will He provide what we need, but He will also provide the best for us in the right time.

Besides, He has already given us the best. He gave us His son, who came down from heaven and laid down His life on the cross for each and every one of us. So that we can be redeemed from our sins and transgressions, and be restored as His children.

So, think about it…

1. On which do you build your own security today?

2. Do you build it on what you own? Or do you build it on our heavenly father who has promised to provide us what we need?

3. If you believe that God is the father who promised to take care of you, how will this belief affect the way you live today?