Exodus 3-4

Usually we use the age of a person to determine whether he or she is considered old. However, more people are now using one’s attitude toward their daily living to determine whether one is considered "old".

Owing to the deterioration of physical health, many people have a wrong impression about aging. They always think that old people are usually bored by their lives and not motivated. They have less self confidence and their hearts are always full of worries and grudges.

If we look at the life of Moses, however, we may discover that it is not necessarily true.

Even though he was in his eighties, Moses was still being motivated. He could still be used by God as a vibrant servant and leader of the Israelites.

From Moses’ story, we learn that:

1. Don’t let your age take away your mission

Mission gave us direction and motivation. It gave us purpose and goal in every stage of our life. God used mission to turn Moses into a great leader.

2. Don’t let your age take away your courage

Often we encounter fear from different aspects of our life. It may take away the peace in our heart. But do not let fear to take away our courage.
Peace is not based on the circumstances. It is not coming from the world. Instead, peace comes from our faith in God, who is the One who provides and protects.

3. Don’t let your age take away your trust in God

We do not like people to notice that we are weak. We like to pretend that we are able and strong. The fact is that we are all weak. Everybody has his or her own limitation.
God loves us and He promises us that He will be with us always. When we entrust ourselves to Him, His strength will become our strength. Do not let anyone take away our trust in Him.

What is life? Life is like a hockey game. You might have already finished your first and second period, and about to start your third (and final) period.

How would you play your final period? Are you going to play it soft? Or are you going to play it even harder than the previous two? This might be your last chance to finish the game well.