John 13:1-17

There are times when we experience negativity at our workplaces, at our schools, at our communities. Although it appears that all communities are the same, there is a community that is different. The church community. A place where there is a different and unique kind of love present.

Lower yourself

When we lower ourselves, it is to love others with the different and unique kind of sacrificing love that Jesus demonstrates. There might be times during our serving that there are conflicts due to differences, but we are encouraged to lower ourselves and to love others with the same kind of sacrificing love displayed by Jesus when He willingly lowered Himself to wash the feet of the disciples.

Live like Jesus

Although it seems to be unattainable and unreachable, it is not impossible. We lower ourselves, and surrender, submit, abandon, and yield. Through those actions we enter into transformation with Jesus, to live different.

When we lower ourselves and live like Jesus, we enter into the transformative love.
A love so powerful, so comprehensive, that leads us to metamorphosis and change us. A change that is reflected in the community.


-With what mindset do you come to serve? In love?
-Do you want to be part of a different and unique community?