Luke 11:2-13; Matthew 6:9-13

Praying to God our Heavenly Father

Prayer is a universal communication directed towards the universe, often undirected. People pray because we all yearn for a response by someone and from someone. God our Heavenly Father fills that void as He listens and answers our prayers. Communication requires both parties to acknowledge and know each other; this applies to when we pray. The suggestion is for us to explore and know God more so that we can pray deeper – the deeper the request, the deeper the relationship.

Why Father?

We pray to God our Father because it reminds us of:

  • Our Father adopting us into His family
  • Our Father the Creator
  • Out Father is YHWH

God’s Characteristics

  • God is our Banner who leads us into battle and is a rallying point when we are lost
  • God is always present in our world and in our lives, constantly dwelling among us
  • God is our provider when we are in need
  • God heals us in all ways, both physically and spiritually
  • God tends and protects His entire flock

Knowing some of God’s characteristics may help us understand and know God better – ultimately directing our attention to God our Heavenly Father.

Foster a deeper relationship with God so that we can communicate with Him well. Pray to God (Ask, Seek, and Knock) and know that He will listen and answer.