Acts 8:26-40

Philip participates with God in a miraculous event in three simple ways:

(1) Being Spirit-led

The more that we listen to and follow Jesus’ voice, the more we cultivate a sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit. But conversely, when we ignore the voice of Jesus we harden our hearts and our sensitivity to God’s voice and direction.
Wesleyan Quadrilateral: experience (communal), tradition, reason, scripture

(2) Being Scripture-minded

Scripture draws us towards God and we have a great opportunity to partner with God in this work when we help people to understand Scripture, but even when we simply speak Scripture.

(3) Sharing Jesus

The natural consequence of being Spirit led and Scripture-minded is that we cannot help but share Jesus. Jesus is the true superhero of the story and when we’re participating with him in his works in the world then we cannot help but point to him.

We’re invited to be a part of this incredible life-altering, future-changing work in the lives of others by sharing Jesus just as we too have had Jesus shared with us.

We’re drawn to superheroes because we too long to save the world, we long to save a life, to make a difference. While superman can save a city for a moment, we are given an even greater superpower, the ability to change a life for eternity. To invite someone to a life-saving, life-transforming relationship with Jesus. We may not be the superhero of the story, but in reality we have the ability to make an even greater impact in a person’s life and in their future than any superhero.