Acts 2

What should the church be like? When we look at the early church in Jerusalem, we see a community which was full of energy, motivation, and vitality. The key to the development of the church in Jerusalem was not who the leaders were, but how the believer involved and engaged in the church as a whole.

From the description in Acts 2, we can see that the early believers engaged in the church at least in the following three aspects:

1. Engage in building up the church

2. Engage in giving and tithing

3. Engage in practicing their faith

We prayed God that KEC will also become a community with full of energy, motivation, and vitality.

In the next 10 years, we will continue to adapt our 7+1 visions to grow our ministry. They are including…

(1) Transforming KEC into a bilingual and multi-ethnic community
(2) Using our children ministry as a gateway for the unchurched
(3) Nurturing youths to become next generation leaders and disciples
(4) Equipping more worshippers & musicians to serve in music ministry
(5) Starting to work on the Lead pastoral team succession plan
(6) Becoming a community of generosity and caring to impact our society
(7) Finding a fixed church venue as an outreach base
(8) Transforming life by the gospel in the Holy Spirit