Matthew 7:24-27

The Fool

The foolish person is someone who knows there’s a God but lives a life as if God doesn’t exist

The fool is wise in his own eyes (Proverbs 26:12), right in his own eyes (Proverbs 12:15) and trust in his own mind (Proverbs 28:26). They know there is a God but they completely ignore God as if He doesn’t exist.

Romans 1:18-23

Paul explains that the wrath of God is against this unrelenting stubbornness of failing to recognize and honor God. God has made Himself clearly known through the creation of our universe, but how can someone miss it?

It is because their minds and their hearts were darkened by not honoring the Creator of all things, and they became fools. God is against these foolish men and they have no excuse.

Proverbs 9:10 (ESV)

Solomon used the phrase “the fear of the Lord.” In this context, “fear” refers to recognition and reverence. Wisdom begins with the recognition of who God is and respond accordingly.

The Wise

The wise person is someone who knows that God exists, takes this fact seriously and reverently, and seeks to please Him with his/her life.

Matthew 7:24-27

Jesus compares and contrasts two builders: One is wise and one is foolish. Both the wise and the foolish hear the words, but only the wise man follows the words. Jesus does not identify the wise man by what they know. Instead, Jesus teaches that wisdom is what you do with what you know.

Act on what you hear

The word of Jesus is not to inform but to transform our lives. Hearing and knowing the teaching of Jesus are worthwhile only when you act on what you hear.