Luke 24:13-35

1. Why the two disciples were “kept from recognizing” Jesus?

There’s no definite answer to the question.
Only one thing for sure:
Not being able to see Him doesn’t mean that He isn’t there walking with us.
We may not recognize Him, but Jesus will never leave us alone.

2. God has an utmost interest in us

Jesus would take time to engage with an individual or a small group of people and attend their needs.
The two disciples were in distress. And Jesus draws near, and attend their queries at the moment.
Jesus wants to address their doubt and their unbelief, and draws them into deeper faith and deeper trust in Him.
God has an utmost interest in us and He knows what we need.

3. What if the disciples did not make an invitation to Jesus? What would happen?

Jesus would have just passed on, and the disciples would have lost the privilege of discovering that it was their risen Lord who was with them.

Disciple’s hunger and desperation provoke them to invite Jesus entering into their lives. The disciples had a breakthrough in faith. Their eyes were opened and saw Jesus the Messiah face to face.

The disciples came from Jerusalem to Emmaus cold-hearted, full of distress, disappointed, and filled with unbelief. They now returned to Jerusalem with their heart burning and revived. Who would have thought this would be the outcome just a few hours ago?


On that day, the disciples had a breakthrough in faith, would you want to join them?

The moment you extend an invitation to Jesus, Jesus is readily said yes to you.