If you are requesting a pastoral letter or completion of a reference form, please read the following content which outlines the expectations of the community as well as the process. 

We will provide a pastoral letter/reference to a person/family when the person/family has been actively participating in Koinonia for at least 6 months. 

If you are newly joined/recently returned to Koinonia, please contact your previous community for your pastoral letter. 

Steps in applying for a Pastoral Letter/Reference: 

[1] Attend weekend worship services regularly (3-4 times a month)

  • If you have a child, we will use the child’s attendance as a reference for the parent’s attendance.

[2] If you have a child, register your child or youth to attend the children or Youth Programs. Bring your child(ren) or youth to church regularly (3-4 times a month) 

[3] Introduce yourself to one of the pastors (Pastoral Staff)

  • If you have children or youth, meet with the children and youth ministry pastors. This meeting allows the pastor to get to know you and your family and let you know how you and your family can participate in Koinonia.

[4] Submit your application for a Pastoral letter/Reference

  • After 6 months of actively engaged in the community, you can then submit your request online.
  • We may arrange a meeting to follow up.
  • Please allow at least 7 business days for the form to be processed.

[5] We will issue the Pastoral Letter/Reference based on the request from the


Church Affiliation & Pastoral Reference Form Request: Click here to fill form