Enter through the Veil is a devotion plan that helps us to cultivate the habit of reading and meditating on God's word regularly. From June 2019, Koinonia is starting a church wide campaign to read through the New Testament within two years. We encourage you to participate and discover the joy of being blessed and renewed by the Word of God. and prayer.


Dedicate 25 minutes a day to read God’s Word, either at a specific time (e.g. 8:00 AM), or around a specific routine (e.g. during breakfast, after shower, or before bedtime).


Set aside a suitable location where you can be “unplugged” and free from distractions.

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 Enter Through The Veil Worksheet

  • This worksheet will guide you through the God-Human-Gospel-Response reflection. Click here to download the worksheet.

Devotion with me

25 minutes (Cherry Blossoms)

STEPS for Devotion with me - 25 minutes

Silence (2 minutes)

Enter into silence for two minutes. Lay down your burden by praying: “Dear Lord, I desire to spend the next 19 minutes with you. Please speak to me and bring transformation into my life.”

Reading (6 minutes)

Read through the daily passage once. Re-read the passage at a slower pace. If possible, read the passage out loud. Reading and listening at the same time helps you to receive God’s Word in a deeper way!

Reflection (5 minutes)

Use these four reflective questions to help you meditate on God’s word.

  • GOD: How is God being described in the passage? How should I praise God - His character and His works?
  • HUMAN: What human weaknesses and sins have been exposed in the passage? Do they remind me of my own sins and the need to confess to God?
  • GOSPEL: How could God save us? What has He promised His people?
  • RESPONSE: How does God challenge me to grow and be transformed?

Prayer (5 minutes)

  • GOD: Praise God for who He is.
  • HUMAN: Confess and mourn for our sins.
  • GOSPEL: Give thanks for God’s salvation and promises.
  • RESPONSE: Ask for courage and strength to change.

Journal (5 minutes)

At the end, record briefly your encounter with Him. This may include:

  • A Bible verse that you like to memorize
  • A brief prayer
  • A resolution for change
  • God’s response

Silence (2 minutes)

Enter into silence again in the presence of God.