KARPOS Children Worship

KARPOS prepares children's worship videos on a weekly basis. We pray that the following videos will be a useful tool for the parents to help children worship God at home and experience the love, joy, and peace that God has promised in His Word.

In addition to our weekly children's worship videos, KARPOS hosts online gatherings for different age groups. This is an opportunity for parents and children to experience community life. Through these online gatherings, children gets to know one another and they learn to pray, worship, and experience God's love together. 

If you have not yet registered, we welcome you to register and join us! If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Pastor Ava, email: [email protected]

KARPOS 每週都為兒童準備兒童崇拜視頻。我們盼望這些資源能幫助家長和孩子在家中敬拜神,體驗神在他的話語中所應許的愛、喜樂與平安。

每星期除了兒童敬拜視頻之外,KARPOS 亦定期舉辦不同年齡的網上聚會,讓家長或不同年齡的孩子,經歷教會生活,認識同年齡的孩子和他們一起禱告,唱詩和經歷神的愛。

如果您還沒有註冊,我們歡迎您註冊並加入我們! 如果您有任何問題,歡迎聯絡 Pastor Ava, 電子郵件:[email protected]

KARPOS Online Registration 網上崇拜登記